Significant Others

On July 14, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

If you have diabetes and have a significant other, this chat is for you.  If you have diabetes and single-print the transcript and save it until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.   I promise, there is a lot of juicy and interesting tweets going on about our significant others and diabetes.  I hope you enjoy reading the transcript.


1.) How did you introduce your spouse to diabetes?
(How were you as a spouse introduced to diabetes?)

2.) How does your spouse deal with Lows?
(How do you deal with Lows, from glucagon to testing to paramedics and so on..?)

3.) How does your spouse deal with your bad habits, and what does he or she do to address those?
(What bad habits does your husband or wife have and how do you deal with those as a spouse?)

4.) How does your D-Management influence your spouse’s lifestyle and his or her own health habits?
(Does your spouse’s D-Management impact your own health and lifestyle?)

5.) Do you and your spouse have different viewpoints on any D-issues or topics?

6.) What does your spouse think of the Diabetes Online Community, and what would he or she say about the impact it’s had on you?
(What do you think of the DOC and what impact has it had on his or her health?)


Be Blessed

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