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On March 2, 2011 by dsma_renata

Week 32 Other Health Care Providers

by Scott (@scottkjohnson)

Q2. Diabetes varies.  How knowledgeable is your team of doctors about your diabetes?

Words are important.   When I read the question above, I thought of two sides.  I thought of how knowledgeable my doctors are about diabetes in general, and I thought about how knowledgeable my doctos are about  my diabetes.

About diabetes in general, they are experts.  Without question, they know much more than I do about diabetes.  They know much better than I do about how everything works together, about the different drug interactions, and about strategies for managing everything should something go wrong.

They’ve had years of training, and years of real world experience.  They work hard to keep up on the latest news around new research and new drugs and tools.  And they do all of this from an objective perspective.  They are experts in general diabetes. 
I am dependent on them for that knowledge and from that perspective, and thankful that they are there for me in that way. 

When I think about how much they know about my diabetes, things change a little bit.  I cannot expect them to be an expert in my diabetes — there’s not enough time for that!  I see my endocrinologist for about 10 minutes every three months.  That’s 40 combined minutes for every calendar year.  I have the pleasure of spending 525,600 minutes with myself and my diabetes every year.  525,600 minutes compared to 40 minutes.  How can I possibly expect them to know as much as I do about my diabetes?

With that in mind, I need to shift the way I see that relationship.  I choose to see my endocrinologist as a resource, not a solution.  He can help me understand where I can look for more in-depth information, or whether a new therapy or tool fits my situation.  He also watches for abnormal lab results and helps me keep my prescriptions up to date.

It is my doctor’s job to be knowledgeable about diabetes in general, but it is my job to be knowledgeable about my diabetes.

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