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On January 31, 2011 by dsma_renata

Week 28 Fill in the Blanks By Jenny (@wyldceltic1)

The DSMA chat in Twitter has been filling a void, in my opinion, for PWD’S to find the website that writes essays support and camaraderie which has been sorely lacking in buy cialis 10mg the past number of years.

The last tweet-chat did a whole new approach to the social media. usually, it has been simple questions, requiring those who want to reply to think over their answers and then tweet in the 149 character limit that is Twitter.

But this last week, the moderator used “sentences” where we would fill in the blanks.

There were 10 sentences and the everyone got a chance to reply.

Many replies were serious, others were downright hilarious, but all did the same thing.

DSMA lets usĀ  know we are not alone. That many concerns we face are faced by others who share the condition of having diabetes, be it type 1, 2, “weird”, we have a lot of the same fears,worries, issues.

I find the DSMA is getting sort of hard to keep up with, which is good and bad. Good for the support factor, bad, because it means more and more are becoming diabetic, it seems.

When I was being told to get a computer I thought it would make me ore insular, more solitary then I already was.

I was very wrong.

With what is being called the D-OC (Diabetes Online Community) on Twitter and FaceBook, I now find I have an almost 24/7 support group readily available to access knowledge, a shoulder to lean on, whatever. Social Media has indeed brought many of us where ever we ay be closer together.

I send heart felt thanks to Cherice for starting the #DSMA tweet chat. Every Wednesday is now a lot brighter for ne, I hope others find it equally useful.

Orange County, CA. USA

3 Responses to “Participants Point of View”

  • I agree to everything in this post. The online diabetic community really has made a big difference and I’m excited/thankful. Great post :-)

  • Cherise Shockley

    Thank you, Erin! The Diabetic Online Community is amazing and has totally made a difference in my life too! I am glad you enjoyed reading Jenny’s post.

  • Yay Jenny! I love your heartfelt words. You’ve always been a favorite twitter friend of mine. You are so true and sincere. I’m glad to know you and call you friend. You’ve made me feel less alone. Thank you!

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