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On January 10, 2011 by dsma_renata

Week 25 by Simon (@STroyCrow)


What are the key cheap cialis online elements in a diabetes support group?

For me the ironic thing about a diabetes support group is that I never really sought one out. After diagnosis, I thought myself quite able to handle diabetes on my own. I was soon to realize just how wrong I was.

Now with myself involved in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) both as a blogger and forum participant I thought I might point out some of its characteristics which I have found so important in terms of diabetes support.

First and foremost I consider the greatest strength of the OC (Online Community) is its people. The online community is literally bursting at the seams with larger than life personalities, some similar to me and some different. It is as perfect picture of the wider community with the added advantage that most, like me, have diabetes. Here are people who understand my life on its deepest level. People who understand the mental toll blood glucose management can take and who, like me, are attempting to live with it. On any given day I have at my disposal the blogs, tweets and forums of so many wonderful people to draw on and learn from.

I would consider the transparency of OC members as another key feature. One thing that all of “us” from bloggers to blog lurkers share is that we fight a common battle. The OC is a showcase of the raw emotions of diabetes. At any one time it is a mix of those fighting to keep their heads above water and others perhaps doing a little better. Truth is that on a daily basis I might find myself in both camps. The members of the OC are real people. Their wounds are real, their victories are real and their heartache is real and I find myself drawn to them. It is not a place of fairytale endings, it is a place of journey and reality.

Finally I would consider the OC as a place of diabtes advocacy for diabetics. It is a place that lifts up its own regardless of who or where they are in their diabetic journey.

I could not find words to express the value I get from connecting with other diabetics. It is easy to think of advocacy as lobbying government and the raising of funds (which are all very important) but ultimately the OC is a mix of people like myself, in need, in the here and now. The feeling of finding my experience echoed in someone elses blog or tweet is difficult to explain. In the OC I find myself connected by common experiences, emotions and desires. It is in that connection that I am strengthened and can strengthen others.

The Diabetes Online Community holds a very important place in my life. It is a place where I am both helped and can help others. I am honoured to have met people like Cherise who have set up this forum where I can interact with great people sharing in a common struggle. To those I have met in the OC I remain deeply indebted and to those of you I do not know, I look forward to “meeting” you in the year ahead.

Catch Simon’s Blog here.

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