Part 2: Food and Diabetes

On March 31, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

Week 36

Q1. Do the foods you or your children consume play a major part in your daily diabetes care?

Q2. True or False: PWD’s ONLY have to watch the amount of SUGAR they eat?

Q3. Do you or your child follow the ADA exchange, carb choices, glycemic index or count the amount of carbs consumed?

Q4.In your opinion, Food scales are they over rated or needed?

Q5. Do you believe in moderation not elimination? If so, why or why not

Q6. As a Parent of a CWD or a PWD. Do you believe this statement is true?  A carb is a carb no matter if it’s white or brown? If so, why?

Q7. Is there such thing as “good carbs” vs “bad carbs”? yes or no?

Q8. True or False: PWD’s can’t eat dessert?

Q9. PWD’s and Parent of CWD’s. How do you handle the negativity surrounded by what you eat from people who do not understand diabetes?


Be Blessed


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