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On November 27, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

Please vote for Andy. He has a chance to win the Pepsi Refresh grant  to Produce an all-original DIABETIC MUSICAL called “Andy and the Beats”! – Pepsi Refresh Project.


My name is Andy Rogers, a senior at the University of TN studying a combination of Biochemistry and Theatre, and last year I produced an original project that combined both my areas of study AND advocated for and educated my Knoxville, TN about the social and physiological realities of Type 1 Diabetes. As a Type 1 Diabetic myself (for the past 7 years) and the brother of a Type 1 sister (for the past 15 years), this disease is very near and dear to my heart… and this musical reflects my passion for finding a Type 1 cure! It’s a distinct mix of comedy and reality with a specific goal of encouraging diabetics and their families to keep the faith in finding a cure and inspiring those not affiliated with the disease to become passionate about finding a cure. At all the showings, we gave the audience an opportunity to donate to the JDRF and we ended up raising almost $2,000 from donations alone!

I have applied for a Pepsi Refresh Project Grant that awards ideas of all shapes and sizes who undergo a random drawing round, a selection process to make sure the projects are legitimate, and a final popular voting round that awards the top 15 ideas in each monetary category!

So, I have passed the first two rounds and all that stands between remounting “Andy and the Beats”… making it bigger and better than the first time around as a mere student project, and to raise even more money for the JDRF…. is a popular vote. Anyone can vote once a day for the project by clicking the link below and clicking “Vote for this Project.” Right now, we stand in 41st place, but I know that with more people on board, this project can become a reality!

How you can help Andy and the Beats

All it takes is a few seconds everyday for the month of November! Check out my “Andy and the Beats” page on facebook!!/pages/Andy-the-Beats/122198151182042. You can vote for Andy and the Beats by clicking on this link:

OR anyone can text 109349 to PEPSI (73774)


Good Luck  Andy!

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