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On June 30, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

We had a heartfelt discussion about Diabetes Medical Devices.he  meter accuracy and affordability were 2 of the main issues people had with the current state of our devices; it was tweeted throughout the chat.    I hope Pharma companies are listening and plan to take action. In a perfect world,  the FDA, Pump Manufactures and Meter companies would make things simple, accurate,  and affordable but until then WE have to keep fighting and raising our voices. If we knock softly-no one will answer, knock harder and loud-someone will open the door.

If you need assiatnce check out the American Diabetes Association website.  The ADA  has a list of Pharma companies that have  Precsription Assistance Program‘s for people living with diabetes.

Q1. What are your thoughts on the current state of (diabetes) medical devices?

Q2. What improvements or adjustments would you make to current technology?

Q3. What can be done to improve the user interface of medical devices, make them easier to use, more modern?

Q4.  Do you think Pharma companies are doing enough to make strips & meters more affordable?  Yes or no? What would you do differently?

Q5. Would you like for your medical devices to be able to “talk” with each other (i.e. open standards)? Why or why not?

Q6. What pending or technology are you excited about?


Be Blessed


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