Inspired by You Can Do This.

On June 9, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

I love positive conversations about health and life! sometimes it’s hard to stay positive and motivated living with diabetes but if I try to always look outside of the diabetes box-it works for me.  The diabetes community is bigger than this condition and we are more than just people living with diabetes.  Focusing on the positive things in life if only for 1 hour is needed from time to time.  Last nights chat was a great reminder of how excellent the community is and how it’s helped us and motivate us.  Check out the questions below; I would love to read your thoughts.

1.  What are 3 (positive) things that’s occurred  in your life since being diagnosed with diabetes? :

2. What has diabetes motivated you to do differently?

3.  What has diabetes in social media taught you about friendships, relationships and different cultures?

4. What have you learned from using Social Media to communicate with others living with diabetes?

5. Do you think the DOC has helped build self confidence/self worth, compassion/empathy towards others?

Finish the sentence

6. I have learned from others that with diabetes I can_____________

7. What advice would you give to someone to help get them through the tough times?           

Complete Transcript          


If you can not make it to #dsma on twitter. Please feel free to listen to DSMA Live-Continuing the Conversation on blog talk radio-Thursday, 9pm EST-Guest: Kim  ( @txtmypancreas )the author of the diabetes patient blog “Texting My Pancreas” and the brains behind, “You Can Do This” project.

Be Blessed


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