Fighting for Our Cause

On July 28, 2011 by Cherise Shockley


T1. Let’s discuss the lack of diabetes education, supplies and insulin for PWD’s living here and in other countries. What can we do?

T2. What can WE do as a community to help those who need education, insulin, oral medication, meters., etc.? is it out of our reach?

T3. The DOC is large online , well policed community. How can or voices be heard offline? What’s next for the DOC?

T4. where do you see our community in the next 2 years.? Do you think HCP’s will trust our community and refer their patients?┬áDo we need HCP’s to help us fight for our cause? How can we get them involved?

Closing: Let’s stay motivated, pull our resources together & as a community, Stand up and Fight for Our Cause. A change is coming…



Be Blessed




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