Diabetes Support Groups

On January 5, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

Week 25

January 5, 2011

Q1. Is the diabetes community is lacking support offline?

Q2. There are a lot of hospital based diabetes support grps. Have you attended one? what was your expereince like?

Q2.5 Do you think Endocrinologist/HCP should be required to have support groups for diabetic patients? Why or why not?

Q3. What are the key elements in a diabetes support group?

Q3.5 do you think T-1 and T-2 support groups should be separate? Why or why not?

Q4. What can we do as a community to provide more offline support group?

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3 Responses to “Diabetes Support Groups”

  • I missed chat tonight…

    But did want to chime in to mention that the Phoenix West Valley area has a fantastic group. We’ve got over 100 families!


  • Q1. To put it simply, yes it’s very lacking.

    Q2. I have never attended a hospital support group. In my town the support groups are either for those just diagnosed or have T2, which isn’t useful for me, a T1 of 16years.

    Q2.5 I don’t think so. There is already too much strain on Doctors and Nurses, I don’t think we need to add to their workload. I think their time would be better spent focusing on each patient individually.

    Q3. Umm…open minds? One thing I hate about online support groups is often when I ask for advice, experience etc..even when I flat out state I’m not a pumper..I get people going “oh just bump up your basal rate”, etc etc that has to do with pumping, OR “you should go on the pump”. It can get quite annoying..but it does make me more appreciative of those who reply, READ that I’m not on the pump and therefore don’t mention the pump! haha. So I think open minds to the fact that everyone is on the pump, or can do things the same way you do, etc etc is an important element.

    Q3.5 Yes and No. I think there should be a general one, but I think that they should also have separate ones because what I’m going through daily on insulin is slightly different than what someone with T2 is going through while on pills or diet. I think we can help each other out, but I know personally, sometimes I wanna talk to another T1 and not a T2. Especially if the T2′s around me are anything like my dad’s mom who has T2…annoying, doesn’t know SHIT about T1 and tells me loudly while in a public place with my dad’s family that she would rather die than have to take insulin shots everyday. Yeah…

    Q4. I honestly can’t say..there doesn’t seem to be much interest in my town for a support group, as I know of one other T1 who tried to get a group going and got zero interest.

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