Diabetes: Fill-in-the blanks

On January 27, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

January 26, 2011

Week 28

Last night’s chat was GREAT! In order to understand the concept of the chat you have to read the transcript to fill in the blanks.  If you do not have diabetes, it will help you see the impact that this disease has on our lives and thoughts and the impact that it has on Parents of children with diabetes and significant others. If you are reading this and have diabetes-know that you are not alone.

Diabetes: Fill-in-the blank opened up my eyes and heart. I have diabetes but blessed with so much more.  If you weren’t able to participate last night, please feel free to leave a comment. If you participated in the chat last night, did you enjoy the format and would you be open to having another fill-in-the-blank chat?

Be Blessed



S1. I have lived with diabetes for _______ years. I was diagnosed with ____diabetes.

S2. Through diabetes I have learned ___________.

S3. The easiest part of diabetes is ____________. The hardest part of diabetes is ____________.

S4. Diabetes makes me feel_____ and living with it makes me feel _____.

S5. Diabetes technology has allowed me to ________. Without Diabetes Technology I wouldn’t be able to _________.

S6. The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is ___________.

S6.5 The most disappointing thing I couldn’t do because of diabetes is ___________.

S7: Diabetes has shown me that I _________________.

S8. What I want the world to know about my life with diabetes is _________ .

S9. My life without the Diabetes Online Community I would be _____________.

S10. When a cure is found, I want to ______________.


3 Responses to “Diabetes: Fill-in-the blanks”

  • Alrighty..I’ll finish this now since I had to early early!

    S1. 16years, type 1 diabetes

    S2. it’s all about moderation not elimination

    S3. giving myself a shot, carb counting

    S4. like everyone else as I’m not the only one with a personal struggle, flustered at times but okay i can do this!

    S5. not worry about the future as much. (I’m not sure how to end that)

    S6. is pack for a weekend away without feeling i have NO choice but to pack at least a few weeks worth of supplies..just in case.

    S7. am a strong person

    S8. it’s not easy.

    S9. sad

    S10. get it?

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