Diabetes Causes: “O is for Outrage” Campaign

On July 8, 2011 by Cherise Shockley


 “O is for Outrage” Diabetes Post card campaign was created by the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) to help us convince President Barack Obama to attend the UN Summit (September 19-20) on Non-Communicable Dieases, i.e diabetes.    People die  from lack of insulin and diabetes complications, too many limbs lost due to diabetes,  millions that can not afford diabetes care and millions of people living  with diabetes in the United Sates of America.   President Obama needs to and should attend the  UN NCD Summit-diabetes is an epidemic and it needs to be addressed at the UN NCD Summit.

It takes a community to advocate  for diabetes and the people living with it….it takes a world to rally around the cause for us to be heard.  We cannot do this alone. Please create a postcard and the IDF will print and mail the postcards to President Barack Obama. Please spread the word.


Be Blessed


One Response to “Diabetes Causes: “O is for Outrage” Campaign”

  • If President Obama can orchestrate a plan to take down Osama Bin Laden, I believe it is completely reasonable that the voting public focus his attention on a disease that adds $150B a year in expense to an overcharged medical system. Why not apply the same logic that led us to Bin Laden. Cut off the head of diabetes. Go to the conference and recognize the growing global epidemic.

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