Diabetes and Food

On February 3, 2011 by Cherise Shockley

February 2, 2011

Week 29

Q1.  What is the biggest misconception about diabetes and food?

Q2.  What is your favorite bg “friendly” food/dish ?

Q2.5. what is your favorite food that you love to hate and why?

Q3.   Are food labels important to you? Do you trust them?

Q4.  Does caffeine make your bg’s to spike? Do you bolus for it?

Q5.  Do you subtract fiber from carbs? If so, why or why not?

Q6.   What type of experience have you had with sugar alcohols/sugar free food?

Q7.  Do you follow a gluten free diet? If, so what does it consist of? Have you noticed any changes in your bgs?

Q8.  What advice or insight would you give to a newly diagnosed diabetic about food and diabetes?


Be Blessed


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One Response to “Diabetes and Food”

  • Q1. That diabetics can’t have sugar, obviously.

    Q2. Eggs! I have gotten into the habit of eating at least one hard boiled egg a day because they don’t have nearly enough carbs for me to even take 2units! (ratio is 2u:15g)

    Q2.5. Hmmm..I don’t think I have any food that I love to hate. I love them all.

    Q3. Yes, it’s the only time I’m really 100% sure I’m close to being accurate with my carb counting. I trust them, but I don’t trust myself to actually only eat a cup or this or that. My portions are usually bigger…I don’t measure, I don’t weigh, I guess at how much of that food I took.

    Q4. Doesn’t seem to do anything to my levels. I only bolus if it’s a latte or something.

    Q5. Usually not, I was told too, but since I usually have a bit more than the serving it lists, I just take that as an extra bit of insulin I need haha.

    Q6. Sugar free food takes like crap, makes me feel sick and makes me sick I had just taken a shot so I could eat the REAL stuff.

    Q7. No, I’ve cut out a lot of bread intake because I seem to have a sensitivity but I don’t think I could follow a gluten free diet!

    Q8. Don’t elimanate food, just follow moderation. Be smart, don’t eat ice cream when your blood sugar is high even if you take a correction and insulin to cover it, wait until you’ve come down before jumping into that Rolo Ice Cream container!

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