Dear FDA

On September 14, 2011 by Cherise Shockley


Q1. What would you say to the FDA if you could tell them one thing about living with diabetes?

Q2. What is your biggest complaint about the FDA/Health Canada/TGA?

Q3. Are the views of people living with diabetes important in development of new devices, health care professionals or should it be left to industry?

Q4. In what part of the FDA/Health Canada/TGA approval process should people living with diabetes get involved for new devices and pharmaceuticals?

Q5. Have you ever written to the FDA/Health Canada/TGA or Congress/Government about diabetes related issues or items? If so, did you receive a response?

Q6. (Short of a cure) what one innovation do you want to see come to diabetes management?

Q7. How can PWDs influence the development of better tools to manage diabetes?


I’m learning about the FDA and how their organization functions.  I know I will never be an expert on FDA lingo; I don’t want to be one.  I just want to be able to learn  how to contact and write the FDA to comment when it’s necessary. I recommend reading ”Repeat After Me: Dear FDA written” by Bennet Dunlap, it was the inspiration for tonight’s chat.  Bennet writes about different ways you can contact the FDA and your local Government officials. I promise you will have a better understanding on the FDA process.


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