After Thoughts: Wendy Rose

On November 15, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson
Wendy Rose

Wendy Rose

I know I say this every time, but what a great show!!!  

I have known Wendy online for what seems like forever.  She blogs at Candy Hearts, and I’m a longtime follower. Until last Thursday, I’d never had an opportunity to speak with her.  I loved every minute of it.

Wendy told us all about the health journey one of her daughters has been on, both in terms of celiac disease and type 1 diabetes.  What an adventure.  She also talked a bit about her own celiac disease, which sounds very challenging to me.  She has a kind called “silent celiac”, which I had never heard of before.

We talked about some of the labeling challenges facing those with celiac disease, and how some of the frustrations with the FDA are similar for both it and diabetes.

One very moving topic of our discussion was around reading blogs of those living with type 1 diabetes.  She thought that she was failing as a parent of a child with diabetes until she saw us adults having highs & lows. That made me think about how we are often brainwashed with unrealistic expectations, that diabetes can be managed perfectly.  And to think that every time her child was not in range, Wendy dealt with so many emotions.  It just breaks my heart.

We also talked about all of the work she does for Life for a Child through her “Candy Hearts Collection” page.  This is all about finding ways to provide insulin for children with diabetes who would die very quickly without help.  I encourage you to check it out.  Nobody should be dying due to lack of insulin over 90 years after it was discovered.

Big Blue Test

Manny Hernandez called in to tell us all about the Big Blue Test, an important initiative that accomplishes a few different things.  It get’s people active, helps collect information about diabetes and exercise, and if the goal of 8000 entries, $75,000 will be donated to 6 organizations helping those with diabetes.

There is still time to help.  We need another 500 entries by midnight PST tonight (11/15/11).  It’s easy to do, you can do it multiple times, you can do it with or without diabetes.  There’s no reason not to help.  I’ve entered a TON of tests during my daily basketball sessions.  Do your part, do the test, and help spread the word.

– Stream the showDownload the MP3 (~15MB), or  grab the podcast via iTunes.  Please forgive the advertisements at the beginning. We are looking for sponsors to help us get rid of the advertisements (can you help?).  Until then? We’re stuck with them…  

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