After Thoughts: Lee Ann Thill & Diabetes Art Day

On September 2, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson
Logo for Diabetes Art Day

Last night we had the pleasure of Lee Ann Thill returning to the show to talk with us about Diabetes Art Day 2011.

Until I met Lee Ann, I completely under-appreciated the therapeutic possibilities of art. I had never heard of “Art Therapy”, and never thought about art and diabetes together.

I think that probably could be said about many of us. Art and diabetes? Where’s the link? How do they relate?

We talked last night about how our brains think in images. Language is not how we communicate with ourselves, imagery is. That is something that I found very true through my coaching work with Ginger. When we scraped off a few surface layers of garbage, underneath was an image that conveyed many messages.

Another thing that really touched me during the show was how many different emotions came up. Much of it was art related, but much of it also came through the great questions from the DSMA chat. Funny how so much can be triggered by such simple questions.

Thank you for coming on the show Lee Ann, and thanks to everyone who listened. I very much enjoyed it!

Scott K. Johnson

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