After Thoughts: Kyrra Richards

On December 3, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson
Headshot of Kyrra Richards

Kyrra Richards

After a week off for thanksgiving, DSMA Live was back on the air with Kyrra Richards from Myabetic!  We heard about Kyrra’s diagnosis and how a random observation during dinner (her trying to open her testing kit discretely under the table and seeing another customer also trying to open his testing kit discretely under the table) launched the dream that is now Myabetic.

I really identified with one of the main ideas behind her line of bags, which is that in life things are multi-functional.  You don’t have a credit card holder, a library card holder, a cash holder, and a notebook holder.  You have a wallet or purse that holds all the stuff you bring with you.  Why shouldn’t you testing kit also serve as your wallet or handbag?

I also really appreciated the thought that we are programmed to not think about having choices in how we carry our stuff.  The doctor gives you a meter, and you automatically use the black nylon case that comes with it.  Why?  We don’t even think about using something different.  Why not?

It was a lot of fun to talk with Kyrra, and it also felt nice to be back on the air after a week off for the holiday.  I hope you’ll share a little bit of your time with us and have a listen.

Visit Kyrra’s website at, or follow her on twitter (@Myabetic).

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