After Thoughts: IDF and Jean Claude Mbanya

On July 31, 2011 by Cherise Shockley


It is difficult sometimes to hear the truth. The truth that I really don’t have it as bad as some others in the world. The truth that had I been born in another country I may already be dead. The truth that even though I have all the medicine I need people are still dying who are just like me.
At the same time we have our own struggles, our own issues that effect us. I would never say that because we live where we do that our diabetes lives are not awful. They are, wherever you live. Just the difficulty in getting the care, medicine, and help we need may not be as bad as in other parts of the world. Still we need improvement.

What Dr. Jean Claude Mbanya from the IDF brought to light for me is that my diabetes extended family from around the world needs my help. They need me help in spreading the word about their needs. My help in getting a spotlight shined on them so help can be send.

We may not have extra money to send. Money is not always the help needed. People need to know that there is no reason for people to be dying because they have type 1 diabetes. We have what they need to live, we just need to get it to them.

I realize that the world is smaller because of the internet but also seems so far away when I hear how different it is in different parts of the world. Thank you Dr. Mbanya for educating me on the truths of the world for people with diabetes

George Simmons


- The idea of trying to manage diabetes in the conditions Professor Mbanya talked about is terrifying.  Can you imagine having a single blood glucose test each month, and having to travel hours and hours to get that one test?

- Many of the hospitals and clinics do not have the education and resources to help those in need. That is almost as shocking as some of the stories Professor Mbanya shared with us. If people can’t get what they need from their local hospital, where else can they turn?

- The IDF has many very simple ways for people to help show support.  We need to continue to be more aware of their campaigns and do all we can to help spread the word.

- The IDF does more than we realize, even here in the United States (helping victims of hurricane Katrina for example).

Scott K. Johnson


-People should not die because they do not have access to insulin.  People living with diabetes and Parents of children living with diabetes should not have to chose between insulin and food.

-Countries lack the education, supplies and all around diabetes care that many of us in the United States are blessed to have.

- Diabetes, Cancer and other non-communicable diseases are killing millions of people every single day.  We should not have to send post cards to our President, it’s a given he needs to attend the UN Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases.

-We are all fighting for and spreading awareness for people living with diabetes. We are not fighting alone.

There is one thing Professor Mbanya said that I will never forget, “Encourage people to be aware of diabetes.”  Please create a postcard, Act on Diabetes. Now., support Life for Child and wear blue for World Diabeters Day on November 14.   As a community we can raise awareness, help people living with diabetes get the care they need and  continue to fight for our cause.

Cherise Shockley

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