After Thoughts: Gary Scheiner

On November 18, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson
Picture of Gary Scheiner & Scott Johnson

Gary Scheiner & Scott Johnson

I’m not exactly sure how Gary fits all of that diabetes knowledge into his head, but it’s clear his brain is jam packed with all sorts of diabetes related gems.  I’m so thankful for DSMA Live to have had the opportunity to talk with him.  George, Cherise, and I really enjoyed it.

Gary has lived with type 1 diabetes for 26 years.  He developed an interest in exercise and diabetes, and is an exercise physiologist by trade.  He had an opportunity to work and train at the Joslin clinic, gaining his CDE credentials. In the mid-nineties Gary opened his own practice, Integrated Diabetes Services, in the Philadelphia, PA area.  He does a lot of remote work, helping people all over the world, using everything from the telephone, to e-mail, to video conferencing.  In fact, I bet he’d be able to help via Morse-code if necessary.  Gary is also the author of one of the most popular diabetes related books around, “Think Like a Pancreas” (new version hitting the shelves in a couple weeks).

He talked about type 1 diabetes coaching not being so much changing lifestyles, but more often a matter of techniques and methods for dealing with certain problems or situations.  For that sort of training, there’s not much difference between seeing a patient in his office versus working with them remotely.

Gary has always been one to try his best to take advantage of the reach and access the internet offers.  In that vein, last year he launched Type 1 University, which he calls the “school of higher learning for insulin users.” Type 1 University offers a whole menu of advanced insulin management classes online, either in a live webinar, or through pre-recorded, on-demand, sessions. There is a sample class, about pizza, available on the Type 1 University website. **Disclosure: I have a business relationship with Gary to help promote Type 1 University.

I’ve known Gary for a few years, having first met him when I worked at Smiths Medical.  I had long been a fan of his book, “Think Like a Pancreas“, and all of a sudden HE shows up at my desk!  Gary was on the board, and was at the home office for a meeting.  He was having computer trouble, and at the time I was doing tech support for the Cozmo pump software package, so he asked me for help.  It was a very cool experience for me, and I jumped at the chance to have him sign my copy of his book.  I’ll never forget it, “Scott, keep your chin up + your sugars down, Gary Scheiner“.

Picture of Gary's autograph in Scott's "Think Like a Pancreas" book

He even writes like a doctor! :-)

It was a very fun show, and I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something if you can spare an hour to listen.

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