After Thoughts: Cliff Scherb

On October 15, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson

Cliff ScherbCliff Scherb.  What an incredible guy.  Some highlights are mentioned in the bio post, but that really only scratches the surface.  I wish we would have had FOUR hours to chat with him.

He has lived with type 1 diabetes for a long time, and has also completed some of the most grueling endurance races that exist.  He says he was always active, but once he tried a triathlon he was hooked.  Constantly collecting information about how his body performed and how his diabetes reacted, he’s gained an incredible sense of how everything fits together.

Cliff talked about learning some of the most useful lessons through one of his absolute worst race performances ever.  The irony is something that he smiles about today.  Hearing that story was just one example of how shifting our mindsets from failure to collecting and analyzing information can make all the difference in the world.

He has found that much of what he’s learned applies to other athletes, diabetic or not, and he’s used that knowledge to build a very successful athletic training and coaching business – TriStar Athlete.

He’s worked with nearly all of the amazing groups we often hear about, including Team Type 1, Triabetes, and Insulindependence, to name a few.

But the other thing that Cliff brought to light was that you don’t have to be an elite athlete, or an athlete at all, to get moving and get involved with any of this stuff.  All of these groups, and Cliff, are all about getting people moving.

So many of us write this stuff off as impossible, but it is so not!  Listening to Cliff empowered us.  George even announced that he is going to ride in his very first Tour de Cure!  Way to go George, that is what I’m talking about brother!!

It was another great show, and I hope you’ll share an hour of your time with us and have a listen.

** Cliff mentioned a nutrition product that he likes.  I’m including a link here for anyone who might be interested.  It’s called UCan, information available via their website.  Cliff made sure to mention that he is not sponsored, paid, or otherwise working for the folks behind UCan.  He uses and likes the product because of its unique digestion timing.  Thanks for the recommendation Cliff – it will help me during the “black out” period you mentioned in the show (how’s that for a teaser to get you to listen?).

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  • This is great recap of some after-thoughts, Scott. You’re right: it’s so very motivational to see these individuals like Cliff. I recently had a great in-depth conversation with another D-athlete, and the same message came across – and it’s motivated me to get back into the swing of being more active like I used to be. Sometimes, the thought of it is so daunting that we lose the motivation to “just do it” (Sorry, Nike!). But these people are the inspiration we need. Thanks for sharing this, my friend!

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