After Thoughts : Chelcie Rice

On October 22, 2011 by dsma_george

The healing power of laughing is something that has been studied and proven. Humor has the power to heal and if anything, it has the power to bring you out of a bad mood and make you smile. And diabetes is no laughing matter.

Chronic illnesses are nothing that should be laughed at. The truth is that diabetes is a serious disease and the consequences of ignoring it can be fatal.

So when Comedian Chelcie Rice came on DSMA Live to talk about his passion for helping people with diabetes deal with this powerful disease I was excited to hear how he is able to take something like diabetes and make us laugh. Not at it but because of it.

At one point near the beginning of the show Chelcie talked about how funny it is to get your eyes examined. The awful feeling of having that light shine in your eye where the only thing you can see is the “Red moon of Krypton!” And when he talked about crawling around the office on his hands and knees and unknowingly crawling into the waiting room, I was crying I was laughing so hard.

I have been there. I have seen that “Red moon” and I have felt so helpless when I couldn’t see. All for an exam. An important one. One we all know and we all face. And he just made me laugh about it. And it was great!

Laughing about something takes its power away.

Chelcie said, “Diabetes can kill you but I’m not gonna let it!”

That really stuck with me. He also went on to say, “that may sound easy but…” and at that moment I thought, “Well it kind of is.”

The fact is that living with diabetes is hard. The work we do all the time is exhausting and for what results? That nothing happens to us? We work for nothing? Seems pointless although we all know we are working to live. But deciding to do that work is easy. When you decide that you are not going to let it win than you are ready to take on that work! It IS easy!

The road is long but when you choose the path of life you have a different focus. The work you do has meaning because you have decided you will not let it kill you!

Chelcie made me realize we can laugh at the things diabetes throws our way. It can be tough and majorly depressing but when we can laugh we can heal.

And let diabetes know who is really in control.

Laugh and test often!

Thanks again Chelcie for opening our eyes to the humor in the diabetes life.

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