After Thoughts: Brad Slaight

On December 17, 2011 by Scott K. Johnson
Picture of George, Brad, & Scott from the Summer of 2011

George Simmons, Brad Slaight, Scott Johnson

Running out of time is a sure sign of a great show.

We could have easily filled another hour taking to Brad (check his bio here).  Brad is a professional actor and stand-up comedian.

Brad was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over 20 years ago, ironically it was just a few years after losing over 150 pounds and becoming the healthiest he had ever been.  About seven years ago, while looking for ways to advocate and educate, Brad teamed up with Bill Kirchenbauer make the animated team “The Diabetes Duo“, Captain Meter & Glucose Boy.

They do a great job balancing information with a little bit of humor, and have a handful of videos on YouTube.

It was interesting to hear how much work goes into each piece (about 4-6 weeks).  While we didn’t talk about any specifics, I know that animation is expensive.  Brad & Bill fund these projects themselves, and I think that is a huge contribution to the diabetes community.

Contributing to the community was the message that Brad closed the show with.  He said that everybody benefits and grows from the diversity of information and experiences in the diabetes community, and he urged everyone to find a way to add their voice to the story.  Very well said Brad.  Thank you!

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