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January 19, 2011

Week 27
Q1. Is the A1C an adequate measure of diabetes control?
Q2. Do you have an A1C target, and if so, how did you set it?
Q3. Do you belive the A1C results you see posted online?
Q4. Why or why not do you think a PWD should strive for a sub 6% A1C?
Q5. What things have helped you achieve your A1C target?
Q6. What do you need to achive your A1C target?


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One Response to “A1Cs”

  • Q1. In my mind: no, not really. I know that people tend to excited over “normal” A1Cs of 6%, etc..but that doesn’t mean they are actually in good control. I got a A1C of 7.5% while on the pump, because I was dropping low no less than 3x a day, every day..and then spiking after correcting. I was up and down, up and down, up and down..and that’s why my A1C dropped a whole 1% (I normally range 8.0%-8.5%), not because my control had gotten any better. I think people need to pay more attention to the daily/weekly trends, than their A1C. I may average in the low 8′s, but my bloodsugar is pretty stable, so I’m not concerned and my endo isn’t either. If I had an A1C of 6, but I was having too many lows, or riding the rollercoaster like I was with the pump, then there would be a concern.
    I think people need to remember what’s important, the daily numbers not the average.

    Q2. No, not really. I have a target blood sugar range, but we’ve never really set a target A1C. I would like, and my endo would too, an A1C in the 6′s, but I wouldn’t really say we’ve set that as a target. We don’t focus on that as much as we focus on my daily numbers.

    Q3. Most of the time, I don’t see why people should lie about that. I think some might be fake, though I couldn’t really point out who, but I suspect if they are..it’s because they’d been made ashamased of having an A1C that isn’t prefect, by those who make a fuss about it.

    Q4. I think that we should all strive for a good number..but a good number for us personally. It should be set by the patient and their endo for what will best fit them. Obviously the more normal their numbers overall, the better it is for them but that doesn’t mean that their A1C is going to be anywhere near 6%.

    Q5. Not being a teenager. Seriously, when I was going through my teenage years the hormones were the worst thing ever. I had A1Cs of 9% and 10% even because we were always chasing my numbers never to able to keep on top of them. I’m hoping once, or IF, I can get an CGM it will help even more.

    Q6. An CGM and a pattern to my levels. We can’t find a pattern at all, I hope a CGM will help, but who knows!

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