United Healthcare-NovoLog and Diabetes Clinical Trials

On December 8, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

December 8, 2010

Week 21

UHC and NovoLog

Q1. UHC raised the cost of NovoLog 250% by lowering the price of Humalog. What are your thoughts?

Q1.5 Do you think other INS companies will follow UHC?

Q2. Do you think INS Co’s are over stepping their boundaries by dictating the cost of drug vs best treatment for the Pt?

Clinical Trials

Q3. What are your thoughts on participating in diabetes clinical trials? Have you ever participated in one?

Q4. What info do you search for when looking for a clinical trial? Do you look specifically look for DCT’s you qualify for?

Q5: What topics would you like to discuss during #dsma?


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6 Responses to “United Healthcare-NovoLog and Diabetes Clinical Trials”

  • Cherise -

    Fascinating discussion last night – thanks so much for hosting and the provocative questions. I thought the range of experiences and views that folks had regarding clinical trials was pretty interesting. I wanted to reiterate my position that these trials are definitely not for everyone – but may be an option for some that aren’t currently considering. I put together my thoughts on the discussion at:

  • Q1 to Q2 I can’t answer cuz I have NO idea what it’s talking about (yeah..I don’t pay much attention, I know).

    Q3: I think it’s great people do, but no, I haven’t. Mainly because I haven’t found one I qualify for, and also because I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it!

    Q4: I look for length of diagnosis and A1C..though I usually don’t qualify for either of those categories, but I also just do a general search for my area.

    Q5: I haven’t been able to “attend” #dsma in weeks, so I don’t have any suggestions.

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