Topics: Web based tools and healthcare

On September 30, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

September 29, 2010

Topic 1: Web based communication tools, apps and log books

Q1. What online or offline resources do you use for your diabetes care? i.e. Log books, apps, web based communication tools-how does it help you communicate with their HCP?

Q2. What benefits and challenges inherent in online and web-based communication tools for both the health care provider and the client?

Topic 2: Diabetes and healthcare as it is now

Q3. Per Kathleen Sebelius-”Americans w/diabetes are suffering in our current health care system.” Your thoughts? Agree or disagree?

Q4. “Job lock” is a term used for Ppl who stay at their current job only for health insurance. Have you ever been in a “job lock”situation?

Q5. What is your biggest obstacle living with diabetes in the current state of USA and Canada’s healthcare system?


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