Thank you, Diabetes Community.

On December 31, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

 We are a community that has heart, full of opinions, spirit and fighters. We fight for a cause-Type doesn’t matter-We prick our fingers. We bleed. We test. We pray for nothing but the best.  We are unique.  We are beautiful.   Just because our pancreas is broken doesn’t mean we can’t LIVE.  We are People living with diabetes.  We are not perfect but after all who is?  

 Thank you for logging on to twitter each and every Wednesday at 9pm EST to share your thoughts, support, advocacy, emotions,  and for spreading awareness.   Thank you for the the beautiful guest blogs and writing about your experience (Participants Point of View).  Thank you for listening to DSMA Live every Thursday night.  Thank you for your support, time and efforts to help make our voices heard via Twitter and Blog Talk Radio. 

Happy New Year!

Be Blessed

Cherise Shockley

Founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy

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