Guest Post: We are family-I got all my D-peeps & Me by Kelly Kunik

On November 11, 2010 by Cherise Shockley
We are family – I got all my D-Peeps & Me!

The diabetes on-line community (DOC) is an extended family of sorts, and like any family it’s filled with people of all ages, but slightly different in the sense that our family is filled with people of all colors, creeds, and nationalities. But what ties us together and makes us family is the fact that we are all people living with diabetes – all types of diabetes.

And like families everywhere, we have all sorts of discussions about all everything under the sun.
One of  the great things about our DOC family is that even when everyone is talking and writing and sharing – everybody is still listening and learning. Yep, true fact!

Topics of discussion include, but are not not limited too; blood sugars, The Diabetes Police, busting diabetes myths and living with diabetes realities,research and bacon.

Close looped systems, insulin pumps and bumping pumps, diaversaries and cupcakes.
CGMS, as in: should we or shouldn’t we?
Insurance companies, as in will they are won’t they won’t they cover the cost?

Speaking of insurance companies, the DOC family commiserates about the ridiculous cost of test strips and the fact that insurance companies can jack up the prices of said test strips, insulin, ace inhibitors, pump supplies, needles, co-pays and the rest of our diabetes supplies at will.

And like any family – sometimes our discussions get heated and the talks that take on a Shakespearean twist:
To carb or not to carb? That is indeed the question.

Together we call out diabetes snake oil pitchmen & chicks.
Collectively, we morn the family we have lost , and we remember their stories, passing them down so that no one will forget who they were or what they went through.

We discuss the diabetes Holy Grail – a.k.a the cure, with a mixture a hope, a dash of awe, and pinch of cynicism thrown in for good measure .

Sometimes these discussions get loud faster than you can type the hashtag for #DSMA and it’s hard to keep up.
Other times our conversations start out as a low rumble that becomes a deafening roar that is heard globally…across the net, in the streets, in the hallways of governments and Pharma. Our collective voices will eventually reach a newly diagnosed person with diabetes who, in a moment of desperation and empowerment all rolled into one, bravely strikes the keyboard and types “DIABETES PATIENTS” or “LIVING WITH DIABETES” or “DIABETES PATIENT SUPPORT”  or some other combination of all three  (and just as often, something completely different)  in their GOOGLE search, and not only does that PWD find information & support, but a family they never knew existed.

And together our Diabetes Family makes lives better and changes the world.

To read more about Kelly (K2) you can check out her blog: Diabetesaliciousness ™
You can also follow her tweets

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