Guest Post: Educate to Set Them Straight by Sarah Knotts

On November 2, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

Educate to Set Them Straight!

November, as you know, is Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s the month that we do our best to raise awareness for diabetes and let people know what diabetes really is, who it affects, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent it.

I will have to say that in prior years, I really kept DAW and WDD (World Diabetes Day – Nov 14th) to myself and was never really proactive in talking with people about it. And, after much thought, I have come to the conclusion that I haven’t because I was honestly ashamed of my diabetes.


Yes! Ashamed. The reason being is because of the stigma that is placed on diabetes. Am I really going to harp on this? Yes, I am. Because it infuriates me that the only thing people know about diabetes (other than the ones with diabetes) is that it’s because you’re old, fat and don’t exercise or you were fed sugary foods when you were a baby, or (and this really gets to me) that if you’re diabetic, then you have to look sick. Really!? I’m supposed to LOOK sick?

We need to get out there and spread the word that diabetes is something that can affect anyone at any given time. Young, old, fat, thin, super-balanced dieters and exercisers or lazy couch potatoes, all while looking as healthy as a horse. We all need to raise awareness so that we can get peoples attention and clear up the stigma that’s behind being a diabetic. Why? Not only so that those of us with diabetes can live and tell our story without fear of being ridiculed or looked at funny, but so that we can set the unknowing public straight. They need to know the truth. Maybe then, more people would be willing to help raise funds to help us find a cure.

So, this month, I encourage you (and myself) to do whatever you can to help raise awareness around you. Help those around understand what diabetes really is and why we really need a cure.

Sarah Knotts, Person Living with Type 1 diabetes

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