Diabetes and Humor

On December 16, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

December 15, 2010

Week 22

Q1.  Do you use humor to cope with diabetes?  How?  Why?

Q2.  When is humor (with relation to diabetes) inappropriate?

Q3.  Best diabetes-related joke you’ve heard?

Q3.5Worst diabetes-related joke you’ve heard? 

Q4. If Blunt Lancet played a concert, would you attend?

Q5. Which do you prefer Cupcake or Ice Cream?


Be Blessed


3 Responses to “Diabetes and Humor”

  • When we first came up with our characters of Captain Glucose and Meter Boy it was to fill what we felt was a need in the world of diabetes. Our goal was to create product that is both informative AND entertaining. We feel that laughter may not be the “best” medicine for people with diabetes, but it is a heck of a good supplement. When we were both first diagnosed the information given to us by our healthcare professionals was important, but so dry and technical that it really didn’t make as much of an impact as it could have. Good diabetic control starts with good basic information about the disease. Being professional comedians and actors we thought the best thing we could do to contribute to diabetes awareness and education is to create these characters and make it their mission to entertain while providing that important basic information. We’ve found that people with diabetes have a good sense of humor about this insidious disease and aren’t offended by humor about it, although non-diabetic people (we call them “Pancretins” :) ) often think it is un PC. The only thing we find inappropriate is when people are ignorant about diabetes and think it’s because we ate too much sugar. We use humor to cope with diabetes and have always enjoyed the Lord Byron quote “And if I laugh at any mortal thing, ‘Tis that I may not weep.”

    Sorry if we didn’t answer all the questions, but wanted to discuss your basic premise. And thanks for making it!

    Bill Kirchenbauer (T2) and Brad Slaight (T1) a.k.a. CG & MB

  • Q1: I wouldn’t say I use it as a coping tool at all.

    Q2: Honestly, I haven’t seen that happen yet. I mean, there are some jokes that will offend someone, somewhere…but that’s like EVERY joke in the world. I think sometimes, certain people take certain jokes more serious than others.

    Q3: Oooo nothing that pops to mind..though the “Dia-betus” joke from Family Guy always cracks me up!

    Q3.5: Haven’t heard one yet!

    Q4: WTF is Blunt Lancet?

    Q5: Ice Cream ON a cupcake.

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