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On October 15, 2010 by Cherise Shockley

October 13, 2010

Week 13:

Q1. What items or tools do you look for when you searching for creditable diabetes information on the internet?

RT @jeffmather: I find actual PWDs to be the most useful online diabetes resource. And then journal articles

Q2. Why do you read diabetes blogs? Support?

@MHoskins2179: Q2: Why I read blogs? Support. Therapy. Advocacy. Discussion. Learning. Bettering of myself.

Q2.5 Diabetes Online Community-Where would you be without them? The information you get from the DOC, do you share it with a HCP (Health Care Professional)?

@medbarth: Q2: Sometimes, its nice to vent about things that PWD understand but people without look at you like you’re insane

Q3.  We talk a lot about online resources -what about offline resources?

jenloves2travel: Q3-Offline resources are too slow. I’m part of the now generation and seek info at my fingertips. (j/k) Haven’t used much offline

Q3.5. What resources did you have to help you manage diabetes offline?

@ninjabetic: Q3.5: This is part of the problem. All of the resources available were for type 2. I felt out of place.

Q4. Offline and online: where can people go for help, guidance and if they need financial assistance for meters, strips, pumps and insulin?

RT @AmDiabetesIN: Q4: … We can help w/ applications to companies for $ assistance

Q4.5 What online communities do you recommend for people who seek friendship, support and understanding from people who get it.

RT @j2hanson: Check out for free meters (not sure if they ship to US? (Canada)

lizzmariposa: Q4.5 @TuDiabetes, @DiabetesDaily, @DLife, Mendosa’s site… Great blogging and comment posting there


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